About INMOTION Controls

Radio remote control technology has been increasing productivity in numerous manufacturing and material handling industries. With the changing landscape of American wireless manufacturing industries, there arose an imminent need for a cost effective, reliable, yet sturdy, wireless radio remote control system which offered the same standards of safety and efficiency as those of the legacy industrial radio remote control systems.

From its inception, INMOTION Controls, Inc. has ushered in the age of inexpensive, reliable, and safe industrial radio controls. Our dramatic success is attributed to the depth of engineering expertise involved to ensure the reliability of the products. Each radio control system is thoroughly checked and rechecked by our quality control department prior to being carefully packaged and shipped to the customer. Thousands of satisfied customers worldwide have embraced what is rapidly becoming common knowledge – these durable, lightweight, reliable remote controls are quickly gaining popularity as substitutes for the bulkier industrial radios of yesteryear, forging a path of accuracy, efficiency, and most importantly, safety.

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, INMOTION Controls strives to surpass our customers’ every expectation in providing them the best possible wireless product, with customer service beyond comparison.